Single Release and Radio Interview

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Good As Gone is on the RADIO! (baby) 

So THIS SATURDAY (that is TOMORROW!)  at 11:30 a.m EST (10:30 a.m.  CST), we are featured on WJFC Radio 1480AM, 102.9FM, a roots/Americana country station out of Tennessee. Woo Hoo! 

Tune into the show and hear Ed Stiner do a little magic on the mic, while he asks us brilliant, interesting questions, and plays some of our very catchy tunes off of our newest release "Leave the Light On."  Our newest single, Thelma & Louise,  hit all the digital download sites today, so go get it!

 Our interview will begin around 10:30, so tell the rooster on your stoop to set his alarm. :) 

(you need java to access, but listen LIVE!) 

Woo Hoo! See ya then! 

Get your digital copy of Thelma & Louise right here!

Posted on November 21, 2014 .

Bigger & Better on the Web

Welcome to our brand new website! Please check out some of the new photos we have up and share them on Facebook!

We will have some more show dates for the calendar very soon. We are just coordinating calendars with venues.

Look for shows in Austin, Buda then in early 2015 in Clear Lake too.


Posted on November 5, 2014 .

Debut Album Now Available!

(originally posted February 2, 2014 photos removed)

We are excited to finally be able to share with you the long awaited album.

UPS dropped off our CDs yesterday and now a copy can be yours! $15 and FREE shipping.

Get your copy of this limited release CD today by clicking the PayPal link paypalgoodasgone 

Listen to track samples from the album here

Posted on September 27, 2014 .

Whoa!! Slow Down There!

(originally posted July 18, 2013)

LeighAnn and I have been busy this summer playing shows and writing music.  We just could not short you on our debut album. We decided that instead of releasing an EP of only 6 songs we would go for gold and record 4-5 more for a LP album.  We have secured recording dates in late August at Congress House Studios with Mark Hallman and Andre Moran.  Since we needed 4 more songs LeighAnn has been busy, busy, busy writing, trashing and writing more tunes until we find one that sticks.  We are adding the already written Flatbed Truck, which was written for her son, and 4 brand new tunes.  If you have been to any of our shows lately you may be heard Sunday Drive, Stronger and Being All.  We have a brand spanking new song called Hit the Deck and it's hard hitting and fun. 

This Saturday the 20th we are playing our first show at Wine Sensation. It's a lovely wine bar, warm wood and leather, lights low, nice owners and staff.  I haven't had any food there but it gets nice reviews over on Yelp.  It's next to the Target in the strip mall but do not be fooled! It is a hidden gem and we think you'll love it.  Plus we'll be there.  We have a wonderful guest guitar player that will sit in on a few songs with us.  It will be a fun show.  Please join us 8:00pm - 10:00pm.

We have some big shows coming up in August.  We don't have the date confirmed (at this time) but we should be playing Quinns again on Main Street, Round Rock in mid August and we have Westside Ale House in Round Rock on Thursday, August 29th.  For that show we will have a lead guitar player joining in and that will be a lot of fun.  You won't want to to miss it.

Have we seen you lately? Hopefully we can visit this weekend at Wine Sensation.  Stop in and say hello.

Alexa and LeighAnn

Posted on September 27, 2014 .

Sometimes the Songs Write Themselves

(originally posted January 8, 2013 photos removed)

Where have we been?

Well hello you beautiful people! LeighAnn and I have been off the radar for a bit.  We have a lot to share with you.  So here it goes!
We recently recorded our first CD at Congress House Studios with producers (and musicians) Mark Hallman and André Moran. We recorded 6 tracks with Mark on bass, drums, mandolin and more, more, more! He's so very talented.  We were so excited when André played lead guitar on "Go Fast".  You guys are going to love that track.  It has a big sound and a great spot where I asked Mark to throw in the kitchen sink while playing drums.  He did that and I just love that part so much.  André's guitar is so hot.  I knew he'd be great because he plays lead on Noëlle Hampton's album Thin Line and on my favorite song "Danny".  You can hear it/buy it on iTunes.

We had the immense good fortune to wrangle fiddle player Haydn Vitera on three tracks.  Oh man! "Sweet As Going Home" sounds beautiful.  Haydn is a talented and professional fiddle player. He's a friendly guy too! He had some great ideas and executed so perfectly.  He was very open to our ideas and let us "sing" some of the fiddle parts so he'd know what we thinking about.  He could repeat it on the fiddle without problem.

Very impressive. Haydn does some punchy and fun electric violin with his band Vitera and the Texas Jamm Band (with members of the Ace in the Hole Band).  He's a lot of fun.  You've got to check him out for yourself, on our CD!

We just got the first draft of all the tracks from...wait for it...legendary producer Mark Hallman.  LeighAnn and I both need some time to review the tracks, make some notes for tweaks and send our notes back to Mark for edits.  While we had hoped to get this CD to you by March there have been a few things that have pretty much waylaid all our recent plans to do that and play live.

In early December LeighAnn stepped off a curb where the drainage inlet was.  She fell and broke her leg (long leg!) in two places.  Two days later she was in surgery getting 10 pins and some plates put in to put her leg back together. In addition she tore all the tendons around her ankle.  With that and ligament damage she's in a boot and not be able to walk on it for several months.  This week she noted trouble with her incisions not healing well.  So her recovery period is unknown. With all the medication and the healing her stamina is not her usual robust.

To add to this burden my sweet LeighAnn lost her dear mother just days before Christmas.  Mrs. Linda McNiel of Lubbock, TX went to be the Father on December 22.  Linda was one of Good As Gone's biggest fans and has supported LeighAnn's musical career throughout the years.  She is missed everyday and I know everyone will keep LeighAnn and her family in your thoughts and prayers (for those who pray).

All this is shared with you so you'll know why we have been off the radar and why we must cancel our January shows.  We have John Edward Baumann sub in at Kickbutt Coffee (once the bar confirms).  I plan to be there and I think I've talked him into doing Johnny & June's "Jackson" with me.  It'll be fun. We weren't able to help fill our night at the Parish Underground on Jan 15th. I hope the booking agent can find a musician to fill in.  Either way I hope you'll be able to support us by supporting this talented artist and our supportive venues.

We also hope you will stick with us while we tread lightly the next few months.  We all need LeighAnn to get well because we aren't Good As Gone without her.

Much love and music,
for Good As Gone

Posted on September 27, 2014 .

Bordeaux Wine Music Winners

(originally posted May 9, 2012)

So glad you are here! We are excited to let you know that our national contest-winning song is UP and running on the Bordeaux Wine Council blog

We recorded LeighAnn's song at Spitshine Studios the morning after she found out she'd won. The tracks from the studio were professionally mixed in NYC and ours is the first one in the queue.  They did a wonderful job mixing, it sounds great!

There are 6 winners total, but we are proud to be the only Americana group chosen, the only country song chosen, the only artists from Austin and the only ones from Texas!  They describe our song as "foot tappin" and "catchy" which is nice.

We are HONORED to have our song as a part of the Bordeaux Wines promotion and on their website. As a bonus you can download our song for free! So check out the website and download "Sweet Summer Wine" from Good As Gone.  Thank you to the Bordeaux Wine Council.

From the website

"Celebrating the Art of Living means enjoying magnificent music while exploring new and fun wines. We’ve created a special Bordeaux playlist of up-and-coming artists from the hottest music communities in the U.S. These six artists have created songs inspired by Bordeaux and the essence of a life lived well. Your feet will be tapping all season long as you listen to this catchy tune (by Good As Gone) that’s all about the feeling you get any time you have a glass on that perfect summer night. "

(Thank you to the lovely Rob Roeder for the awesome bass on our track!)

Posted on September 27, 2014 .